5 Benefits of Using HR Software

There will be a stage in your organization’s growth that you can no longer successfully manage people-related data and processes without the use of specialized HR software. This stage is inevitable, except if your organization ceases to grow before it gets there. While working towards achieving that growth, you should be aware that there are many HR software that allow organizations to carry out tasks related to attraction, retention, and management of their staff and HR data, with a varying degree of sophistication.
Similarly, HR software makes managing people flexible and saves a lot of time. They also help HR managers spend lesser time wading through documents, thereby paying attention to other things that keep employees happy and productive. In a nutshell, HR software – also referred to as human resource management systems – are tools that help to manage people more easily. Below are some of the benefits of using HR software:
1. Efficiency of administration
One of the benefits of using specialized HR software is the improvement in the efficiency of your HR team. These software help you to automate repetitive, admin-intensive tasks such as probation or annual reviews, instead of chasing after managers. Also, they help to cater for things like certifying absence or holiday approval.
2. Data analysis and informed decisions
Collecting and analyzing data gives you analytical opportunities that enable you to make informed decisions. For instance, you might discover that the creative department has a high employee turnover rate. At this stage, you would need to gather data in order to proffer a solution. After the data has been received, you can interrogate it and use that analysis to make informed decisions.
3. Improved regulatory compliance
Using HR software improves your compliance with regulatory requirements because all data and related information have been stored in one place. This allows you to send prompt automated reminders when action needs to be taken. What’s more? HR software helps you report on gender and pay gaps.
4. Reduces paperwork
Specialized HR software terminates a lot of paperwork - as it assists in standardizing processes like employment history; education; certifications; and compensation information. It also saves times by storing all the information in a single file. What’s more? It helps to safeguard personal information against hackers and unauthorized users by encrypting it.
5. Reduced Cost
Finally, using HR software saves you lots of money. For instance, a typical benchmark for the number of HR working in an organization is 1 HR per 100 employees. With some software solutions in place, this ratio is approximately 1 HR per 140 employees. This literally means that an organization with 280 employees requires one less full-time HR staff to manage their workforce data, resulting in reduced costs running up to over a million naira annually.
One of such HR software solutions that has proven itself as a valuable tool within the tech space is KlinHR. KlinHR is an automated HR business solution that helps you to take care of your outsourcing needs from recruitment to the point of disengagement. This solution has been used and proven to be a very valuable tool by most of the largest outsourcing firms in Nigeria. Over the years, we have had loads of feedback about how much value has been gotten from KlinHR – especially when compared to its contemporaries.