Perfect HR application to manage your workforce

Automate and manage all of your HR administrative tasks in one place. Eliminate errors brought on by manual entry.

Solution that works

The team of developers have brought in 15 years of experience working with top-notch HR consultants to deliver on a real working solution to HR and Outsourcing needs.

Easy to use solution

KlinHR is easy to use and does not require any complex manual. Once you sign up, you will receive all the necessary information required to get started.

Exceptional Support

Whether you want to use KlinHR as Software As A Service (SAAS) or you want to deploy the enterprise version, our support team will always be available to help you all the way.

Manage HR data. Automate HR processes.

As the resumes start accumulating, you can easily manage the process through automated filing and categorizing to help narrow the pool for the interview process.

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document, onboard and deploy new employees with the click of a few buttons.

After the interview stage, qualified candidates will have access to the onboarding & documentation portal to submit the details for employment. This enables you have comprehensive details of each employee.

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Track goals. Enable a performance-driven culture.

Employees of your organization have access to this platform to enhance interaction between the employees and Account Manager/HR, allowing your employees to access and input data themselves.

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Hire right. Grow faster..

Employees have access to online appraisal, where Account Manager/HR set scorecards for different roles and employees. Appraisals are of different level, self-appraisal, supervisors do first and second level appraisals.

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Deliver Quick. Flawless Solution.

We deliver quick and flawless solution. Whether your processing the payroll for you organisation or onbehalf of your clients, KlinHR got you covered.

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Easy to use tool

The Account Manager/HR master tool, that warehouses the end-to-end HR Operations of the organisation, starting from recruitment to the point of exit.

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